All menus can be tailored to your needs and wishes. Feel free to mix/match from any menu.

Tuna tartar cucumber bites
Tuna tostada with white bean puree, tomatillo salsa, heart of palm and cilantro
Taco bites
Mini beef wellington bites
Sun-dried tomato and polenta bites
French onion soup puffs
Apricot/brie puff
Fig and brie puffs
Wedge salad and blue cheese skewers
Steak frites skewers
Caprese skewers
Shrimp and chorizo skewers
Duck taquitos: celery root remoulade and mango sauce
Pulled pork taquitos: raisin cabbage and plum sauce
Polenta crostini, butternut squash, ricotta and sage
Mushroom and caramelized shallot crostini with gruyere
Crostini with manchego and blackberry
Kobe beef pigs in a blanket
Crab salad crisps
Merguez and pepper skewers with harissa mayonnaise
Risotto balls (asparagus/butternut squash/crab) red pepper coulis or tomato-cream sauce
Spicy-shrimp cocktail
Smoked salmon and caviar blinis
Filet mignon/chimichurri and pickled red onion
Seared tuna tostadas with white bean puree, heart of palm, tomatillo salsa and cilantro
Shrimp tempura with tartar
Fish and chip mini cones
Cocktail lobster roll sliders
Rosemary balsamic filet mignon and potato skewers
Avocado bruschetta
Tomato bruschetta
Bacon covered plantains
Caviar and crème fraiche blue potatoes

Grilled shrimp avocado/dill crema
Grilled rum-coconut shrimp
Shrimp tempura with tartar sauce
Salmon California: on an avocado mousse
Local fish, lemon, caper and white wine sauce
Crab Cakes tartar
Branzino with a red-pepper coulis
Halibut orange beurre blanc
Miso-glazed black cod
Pan-seared sea scallops on a mint-pea puree
Lobster tails with garlic and butter
Whole lobster with lemon-aioli and butter on the side
Beer battered fish and chips

Grilled lamb chops with rosemary jus
Lamb and merguez skewers with peppers and harissa/mayonnaise or yogurt cilantro dip
Grilled filet/porterhouse/hangar with array of sauces…. béarnaise/poivre/red wine/chimichurri sauce
Argentine mixed grill: sausages/steak/chicken breast with garlic chimichurri
Veal Milanese on or off bone
Veal Paillard
Korean marinated short ribs
BBQ sweet and spicy ribs
Beef bourguignon

Orange-grand Marnier marinated chicken thighs
Roast chicken with clementine and jus
Chicken paillard
Marinated grilled chicken breast with strawberry salsa
Chicken Provence (stuffed with provence herbs au jus)
Grilled chicken sausages with Armagnac
Korean marinated chicken with ginger-mango sauce
Duck breast with a cassis reduction
Tequila-lime grilled chicken breast
Duck Cassoulet
Coq au Vin

Saffron linguine with mushroom and spinach
Pasta with sausage, tomato cream  
Fettucine XVOO and garlic
Artisanal Mac and cheese
Lobster mac and cheese
Lobster Fra diavolo
Cavatelli with duck ragu
Eggplant parmesan

Lobster rolls
Croque monsieur
Camembert and apple grilled cheese
Grilled cheese with bacon
Filet sliders with boursin
Beef/bacon and cheddar burgers
Turkey burgers with avocado and cranberry spread
Chicken breast, watercress, brie and Dijon-mayo on baguette
Merguez burger with arugula, shaved fennel and harissa-mayonnaise
Pulled pork slider with raisin slaw
Vegan/vegetarian sliders with pesto

Arugula salad with shaved parmesan and small tomatoes
Fall salad: baby kale, candied walnuts, cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds, roast butternut squash
Peach, avocado and cucumber salad with an herbed vinaigrette
Mediterranean rice salad: peppers, olives, red onions, baby tomatoes
Caesar Salad
Nicoise salad: sushi-grade tuna, haricots, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, peppers, red onion, olives, tri-color baby potatoes
Cobb Salad: chicken, avocado, bacon, boiled egg, fresh corn, blue cheese
Salade Veronique: bacon, grapes, chicken, dill, avocado, bacon
Chicken Bombay salad: poached chicken, mango, coconut in a light curry dressing
Summer pasta salad with grilled veggies and basil dressing
Caprese salad
Frisee salad with marcona almonds and lardons
Summer Pasta Salad with grilled snap peas, ginger tomatoes confit and green onions
Citrus salad with avocado, grapefruit, radicchio, pistachios, tarragon and orange-vinegar dressing
Smoked duck breast and lentil
Shredded Chicken Miso Salad
Watermelon, basil and feta cheese salad
Beet, basil and pine nut salad
Vegetarian Israeli couscous salad

Roasted sweet potatoes with parmesan
Honey thyme carrots
Brussel sprout gratin
Brussel sprouts with lardons
Baked potato bar broccoli cheddar, bacon and sour cream and chive
Herbed potatoes
Siracha-maple cauliflower
Tri-color cauliflower gratin
Honey roasted butternut squash with cranberries
Roast tricolor potatoes
Grilled asparagus
Grilled veggies: portabella/peppers/squash/asparagus with balsamic reduction
Crab and truffle risotto
Vegetable tian
Crispy garlic butter parmesan smashed potatoes
Hassel back potatoes with sage
Potatoes Lyonnaise
Maple-Dijon roast carrots
Coconut rice
Truffled mashed
Carrot mashed with watercress
Warm kale and mushroom salad
Butter-shallot corn off the cob
Corn three ways: truffle, parmesan and maple-dijon/bacon
Cowboy Caviar: black bean, chickpeas, tomato, fresh corn and cilantro
Blackened broccoli with shallots
Broccoli rabe with sausage

Poached eggs shakshuka (eggs poached in a spicy middle-eastern flavored tomato sauce)
Aless’s burrito: scrambled eggs with spinach and mushroom topped with avocado, chalula hot sauce and ketchup
Challah French toast with bacon and sausage
Smoked Salmon platter Acme smoked salmon with crostinis, boiled egg, chopped red onion, capers and side of cream cheese
Nutella crepes with berries, confection sugar and homemade Chantilly cream
Juevos Rancheros: black bean stew, pico de gallo, sunny side up eggs, cilantro and feta on a corn tortilla
Eggs benedicte with smoked salmon or Canadian bacon
Vienoisserie assortment
Fruit platter