Chef Aless owned and operated Mon Petit Cafe with her mother from 2000-2017. The bistro was an amazing success of 32 years on the upper east side of Manhattan and unfortunately closed due to high rent.

The catering company Chef Aless began in 2017, the focus is on providing high quality ingredients and meals tailored to the client. Chef Aless uses only locally sourced food, organic when possible, and never uses meat with antibiotics or hormones added.

Chef Aless learned to cook growing up in the New York city restaurant industry. Growing up, she spent summers with her grandparents on their vineyard in France. On their farm, she learned a lot about farm to table and how less ingredients can sometimes mean more.

She has a true passion for French food, though since the closure of Mon Petit Cafe, she has taken on world cuisines and enjoys everything from summer grilling to a Mexican fiesta.

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Chef at Mon Petit Cafe

Chef at Mon Petit Cafe

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