Choose 5

Thyme-cranberry and brie crostini
Tri-color tomatoes BLT
Duck taquitos with plum sauce and celery remoulade
Pork taquitos with celery remoulade and peach sauce (apple in winter)
Pesto pizzettes topped with zucchini and arugula
Wild mushroom and caramelized shallot tartes with gruyere
Zuchinni , pesto and arugula tartes
Pear, blue cheese and walnut flat breads
Tuna tartar cucumber bites
Wild mushroom risotto balls with tomato/cream sauce
Asparagus risotto balls with a red pepper coulis
Grilled paprika shrimp on an avocado dill crema
Merguez and pepper skewers with harissa mayonnaise
Shrimp and mango ceviche bites
Chicken pot pie puffs with butternut squash
Cassoulet Puffs: Duck and white-bean stew
Filet mignon and zucchinni wrapped in bacon with horseradish mayonnaise
Filet mignon sliders with Aless's special sauce
Cuban sliders
Truffled french fries with herbs
Fig and brie crostini
Peach and herbed goat crostini (seasonal)
Polenta/olive tapenade bites
Mini spicy shrimp cocktail cups
Avocado bruschetta with aged balsamic
Bacalaitos with pineapple salsa
Bacon covered plantains
Prunes wrapped in bacon on skewers
Salt cod fritters with peppers sauce
Caribbean cole slaw cups
Caviar and Crème Fraiche tricolor potatoes bites
Smoked salmon and caviar blinis

Puff pastry asparagus with guacamole dip
Vegan stuffed mushrooms
Cucumber and lemony-hummus bites topped with pickled red pepper
Vegan meatballs in a red pepper coulis

Rainbow crudités station, artichoke/spinach dip, hummus pita Guacamole, salsa and chips
Raw Bar: Shrimp, lobster, king crab, oysters, clams and condiments
Cheese platter with crackers and fruit
Charcuterie platter with baguette and condiments
Sliders: Cuban, filet mignon and vegetarian


Arugula, cherry tomato and shaved parmesan aged balsamic
Endives with Roquefort and walnuts
Mixed greens, avocado, cucumbers, strawberries and green vinaigrette
Watermelon and heirloom tomato salad with feta cheese
Watermelon Gazpacho soup
Vichyssoise soup
Carrot ginger soup
Butternut squash soup
Charcuterie plate with baguette and condiments
(country pâté, saucissons and prosciutto)
Shrimp and avocado ceviche
Mussels white wine and shallots
Pan-seared sea scallops on a mint-pea purée
Chilled lobster salad with mango and mint


Bistro style classic grilled Ribeye au Poivre
Hangar Steak in a red-wine sauce with caramelized shallots
Grilled Flank steak in a chimichurri sauce
Beef Bourguignon: Beef stew in a red-wine and mushroom sauce
Flet mignon with a red wine reduction
Pan-Seared Duck in a chambord reduction
Cassoulet: white bean stew with sausage, bacon and pork topped with duck confit
Coq au Vin: Chicken on the bone in a red wine and mushroom sauce
Seafood Paella: shrimp, salmon, mussels, clams, chicken and chorizo
Poached king salmon Dijonnaise
King grilled salmon California: on a bed of avocado mousse
Pan-seared bronzini with a thyme, red-pepper coulis
Chilean seabass in an orange-beurre blanc and champagne sauce
Mahi mahi in a mango/jalapeno sauce
Vegan mushroom wellington
Saffron linguine with peas and cremini mushrooms


Truffled mashed potatoes
Potato Croquettes
Potato Lyonnaise
Potato gratin
Haricots vert almandine
Grilled asparagus
Creamed spinach
Sauteed spinach
Brocolli rabe sautéed with garlic (with/without sweet Italian sausage)
Brussel sprouts with lardons
Coconut rice
Rice pilaf
Asparagus risotto
Vegetarian Israeli couscous


Lemon Meringue tarte
Mixed berry and cream cake
Chocolate mousse
Peaches with mint, grand marnier and French vanilla sugar (seasonal)
Tarte tatin
Chocolate profiterole tower


Assorted baguette, Viennoiseries, Butter and Jams
Maple Glazed French Toast
Cherry Tomato and Broccoli Quiche
Zucchini Pancakes
Eggs Benedicte with smoked salmon on croissant
Mini Croque Monsieur: open Hot Ham and Gruyere Sandwiches
Red Bliss Potatoes with Sauteed Spinach and Roasted Red Peppers
Bacon and Sausage
Fresh Berries and Chantilly Cream


Split pea soup with croutons and lardons
Crepes forestier: crepes with wild mushrooms topped with béchamel
Poached wild king salmon tartar sauce
Salade Nicoise
Croque Monsieur
Warm grilled vegetable pesto pasta salad
Haricots vert almandine
Truffled sweet potato french fries

Grilled flank with chimichurri sauce
MIXED GRILL: flank, chicken, sausage, chorizo, chicken
Sauces: chimichurri, red-wine, au poivre
Grilled shrimp with a peach dipping sauce
Lobster Bake
Lobster Rolls
Orange charred chicken legs
Sweet/spicy pork ribs
Merguez burgers with spicy harissa mayonnaise
Filet mignon sliders with boursin cheese and watercress
Tricolor pasta pesto salad with grilled vegetables
Salad Veronique: poached chicken, grapes, bacon, cucumber and avocado with a green mayonnaise
Salad Nicoise
Grilled Shrimp Cobb Salad
Mexican tortilla salad with chicken
Celery root remoulade
Tri-color beet and pine nut salad
Beet, tomato and mozzarella salad
Cauliflower and egg salad with white balsamic dressing


Sweet/spicy pork ribs
Sliders with Boursin and fried leeks
Orange chicken drumsticks
Lobster rolls
Pesto pasta salad
Classic potato salad
Beet and pine nut salad
Mixed greens strawberries, avocado and cucumbers